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John Mintern,
CEO and Ecologist
Science &


“The foundation of our profession is the focus on the quality of living,” says John Novaro and Jane Fondue continues “We believe that a detailed design, nature, creativity and emphasis on the aesthetics are the main things which give our building kindness”.
Their work proves that design should not be just a fancy pomp, but apart from aesthetic demands should link together functionality and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to many years of international experience with commercial and residential projects, Ian Bryan Architects think about design as well as the needs of clients who are going to live “in it”.
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Modern residential estate 131 Level Residence offers you the comfort of luxury city real estate and countryside ambiance of the most exclusive area of the Grindelwald Region – Switzerland.


131 Level Residence belongs to an internationally recognized and awarded 131 Studio. The concept of living in harmonic port is designed with respect to the surrounding nature and benefits from a great location, refined timeless style and perfect facilities. Central metro station in in walking distance and the centre of the town is only five-minute drive.

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